We stock and source parts for most applications, including cars, trucks, tractors, motorbikes, lawnmowers, forklifts, outboard motors and any engine.

Parts that we sell

  • Engine parts
    We sell all parts for engines, whether it be full rebuild kit, or singular items such as valves, water pumps, engine mounts or manifold gaskets.
  • Steering parts
    We sell most steering parts, like ball joints, king pin kits & tie rod ends
  • Suspension parts
    We sell shock absorbers in a many differenent brands according to application, as well as bushings.
  • Brake parts
    We sell parts for all brake types, including pads, shoes, rotors and all hydraulic parts. As well as offering a rebuilding and resleeving service.
  • Clutch parts
    To suit most applications, if we can’t get it we can rebuild yours!
  • Electrical
    Ignition parts incl. Distributor caps, rotor buttons, contact points, lead sets, coils, MSD ignitions. And we also carry wide range of SPARK PLUGS to suit any application including pre 1930 engines.
  • Lights, switches, wiring harness, fuses, batteries
  • Restoration parts
    including castings, panels, chroming, tyres

And much more!!!

Just call or email for price and availability!!